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Waf and Woof in matte colors.
Waf and Woof in iridescent colors.

10.01.2021 — I’m proud to introduce you to the first two characters I designed for this project: Waf and Woof! The stickers will come in natural colors with an elegant matte finish or an alternative color scheme and wonderful iridescent finish! They are part of a larger sticker collection i’m creating, I’ll be releasing new characters every week of January!

Sandy and Angie in matte colors.
Sandy and Angie in iridescent colors.

17.01.2021— I’m super happy to introduce you to two new feathered characters I am very fond of: Sandy and Angie, two cute little singing critters you’d forgive anything!

Mistyx and Pumax in matte colors.
Mistyx and Pumax in iridescent colors.

24.01.2021— Cats! Let me introduce you to some rarely seen felines: this is Mistyx and Pumax, a tiny Korat house cat and a wild puma!

Dragon in matte colors.
Dragon in iridescent colors.

30.01.2021— January is over and with it the Zootocollants collection is now complete: meet Dragon, a badass treasure keeper who gets a special background to celebrate!

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