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The website

Developed in 2016, I am now rethinking the features of my 100% customized WordPress theme to take advantage of the new features of WordPress 5.0 new content editor, Gutenberg. Hello blocks and alignments!

On the design side, I’ve rolled out and applied to the posts loop a previous project which I had shared on CodePen.io: the CSS grid as a support for dynamic isometric cubes stylized using transforms and clever calculations … yes, I know the magic formula to “isometrify” the web! All of this is responsive, of course.


Among my inspirations, the animal world and geometric shapes are my favorite sources.

I also have a taste for jewelry which led me to “crimp” the muzzle of my fox; princess cut stone, please!


First drafts with schematized letters
Hand drawing
Work in progress, left behinds


A fox. Pic. by Jeremy Vessey on Unsplash
A tension set stone in a ring

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